Present Toys, Retro TV - The Voltron Lion Die-Cast Masterpiece

Mega thrusters go! Voltron, the classic kids cartoon series, is back in Die-Cast "masterpiece" form, a great collectible for anyone who watched the show and always wanted to have some sweet metal lions of their own.

Voltron was the original "five robots into one" cartoon that spawned imitators such as the Go-Bots and of course the ever-present Power Rangers. Composed of five robotic Lions that were piloted by young men and women, Voltron was the "Defender of the Universe" that could be created in mankind's hour of darkest need (in other words, once an episode) by joining all of the Lions together. This was always an unfortunate situation for the green and red lion pilots and they tended to get swung around quite a bit on the end of Voltron's arms.

Now, the Voltron universe has created the Voltron Lion Die-cast Masterpiece Action Figure, a throwback to the heyday of great toys and fun transforming action. It's not cheap - but for just under $380 at Amazon, collectors get a "book-style" slide-out tray box for always-mint condition if they'd rather not remove the toy, and a great set of figures that are a made with a ton of Die-cast - they're not just heavy, but apparently so heavy that when formed in to V-tron they have a tendency to fall over.

Formed, you say? That's right - the collectible comes as the five separate Lions which can then be transformed into Voltron himself. A few words of warning on that point - the feet of the Lions are plastic, not die-cast, so do be careful with them. As well, he is not meant for serious play. This is replica of an original collectible, one that was more plastic and more for play, and while the Lions will easily join, some of the joints on Voltron are stiff and, as mentioned, he has a tendency to fall the over periodically.

But for anyone who's got a love for Voltron, a desire for collectibles or just can't get enough giant robot action, the Votron Lion Die-Cast Masterpiece is a great investment.

Source: Voltron 

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