Paw Polls: Pet Presidential Primaries, VOTE NOW!

No matter when your state is holding Presidential primary elections, your pet can vote right now for his favorite candidate. So pretty up your pet now for her photo-op and her chance to win this once-in-four year event -- the pet presidential election!

Highedge, Inc./ and are the sponsors of the Who Would Your Pet Vote For? contest. Your pets have until January 15, 2008 to submit their entries... so, hurry up! The pet winner, to be chosen randomly by drawing, and will be notified sometime in February.

To enter, you will need a picture of your pet and her rationale for supporting her favorite candidate. Official rules are detailed at

First prize is pet food for a year! "Most viral" prize is a lovely pet gift basket, and the sweepstakes prizes are $250 and $500. Check this out!

There's also a daily vote for your pet to enter, although no prizes are given. As of this writing, pets seem to be favoring democratic candidates.


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee
Animal Blogger