Presidential Social Media, Not Stymied By WeinerGate!

Back in February, when Mia Cambronero was stepping down from her post as Social Networks Manager for President Obama, the open position and job description sought job seekers that were "passionate about engaging millions of Americans in advancing President Obama's agenda and changing the country." And going into the 2012 elections, our "social media" head of state is not going to shy away from social media like so many other politicians who fear from the backlash of Representative Weiner's "below the belt" sharing.

However, since Ms. Cambronero's departure, it appears that Obama now believes the job of communicating presidential tweets and status updates should be done by the number one man in charge. For instance, if you follow @BarackObama, you'll get to hear from the President himself the White House or when he hits the campaign trail.

You'll be able to detect the messages personalized by him, as they will include the official "BO" sign-off. Kicking off this social media personalization approach, on Father's Day, the President made his very first Twitter appearance with the following:

Often referred to as the Social Media candidate, it is said that Obama's victorious run for Chris HughesChris Hughespresident against John McCain was due to his savvy social media edge. In "King Maker & Social Networking Made Obama A Rock Star," I tipped my hat to Chris Hughes (one of Zuckerberg's cohorts when Facebook first entered the digital scene) who at the ripe old age of 25 managed Obama's successful social media campaign during his primary and election run for President.

The Weinergate scandal caused a significant drop in tweeting politicians. According to VentureBeat, after the scandal “the number of tweets by Republican members of Congress dropped by 27 percent, while those of Democrats dropped by 29 percent.”

Taking a direct approach to social media means different things to different people. While Representative Weiner gave a whole new meaning to "hands-on" social networking, it's great to see that the busiest man in the world sees the importance of communicating with the American people in such a personal manner.

While Weiner was too graphic in his approach, it's interesting to note that the same pose he distributed to some of his lady friends and was chastised for, Adam Levine, lead singer for Maroon 5 received kudos when he went public with his version to help fight prostrate and testicular cancer. I guess if you're supporting a cause about your genitals versus titillating the Twittersphere with them - you get a free pass!

Adam Levine vs Anthony Weiner au natural!Adam Levine vs Anthony Weiner au natural!
So...Mr. President, take a note. Keep those tweets above the belt!

Jun 22, 2011
by Anonymous


Adam Levine is perfect! :) 

Jun 22, 2011
by Anonymous

Very interesting read

Very interesting read indeed.