Press Don't Panic: New Technology Focuses On Teaching People How To Handle Emergencies

Would you know what to do if someone near you suffered from a seizure or an allergic reaction once panic sets in? You might not have previously, but now there's a business that's released a neat little gadget to offer the ideal solution.

Press Don't PanicPress Don't Panic

Press Don't Panic is a little gadget that can play back life saving instructions. For individuals with an allergy or medical condition, the device is designed to be carried on their person. The idea is that it accompanies their epi-pen for example, so if they find themselves having a severe allergic reaction and need help, the nice people that come to their rescue don't need to guess at how to step in correctly. Complete instructions can be recorded so even in a situation of panic, help can be provided! It's a neat idea and one that serves a very practical function!

Via: Springwise