Press on Eyeshadow: Makeup Artistry Made Easy

Any woman that's sat down with a makeup artist to have them do magic on her face, would be lying if she said she wouldn't like to have her own custom makeup applier on hand, tucked away in her own secret drawer (the one right next to the home hair stylist). It's unfortunate, but this just isn't realistic for most women; however, there is a product that delivers the same results almost instantaneously.

ColorOn Professional is the maker of press on eye shadow kits that make it easy to get the complete look that can generally only be achieved by a professional makeup artist, and not so much the average woman. The kits compile multiple colors to achieve the optimal smoky eye look that goes from eyelid to the brow line; saving makeup applying disinclined women from the trials and tribulations of effective blending to avoid that unfortunate drag queen look (unless of course that's what you're going for.)

I'm loving the press on eye shadow idea despite the price. While it may not make its way to my everyday wear, with working at home is usually au naturelle; I think this could be a life saver for an important event where ladies need to look their best! You can see a huge selection of ColorOn Eye Shadow Kits and read reviews here.


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