Pretend You Own a Camera? Great Idea?

Patent# US 6832954 is a Photographing Game Machine in which a camera-type device, which allows a subject within a specified shooting range to be seen through a window is utilized. When a screen with a photographic target is displayed, the game is on based on the position of the screen at which the camera is pointed. The only real issue seems to be the point of the whole thing. The vicarious nature of the all seeing photographic eye is a given no matter how well or how poorly one snaps photos.


So what does this thing do? Perhaps gives confidence to the would be and wanna be photographer who must always snap anonymously and from afar? The answer, my friends, is perhaps blowing in the wind (but alas, from the other direction). Video games are diverting and they have their place in our world and as such this Photographing Game Machine fits right in. It is a unique type of game even if it’s purpose isn’t really clear. In the words of one anonymous reviewer:

“The irony is that if I saw this thing in an arcade, i would probably take a photo of it.”

Photography is an art form that has always spawned many creative inventions as are games and machines to play them. Consider: “Japan's Used Panty Vending Machines: Fact or Fiction?” and “Suspended in Time - Magical Photography Art”.

As far as the Photographing Game Machine is concerned, there are those who look at things and ask ‘why’ and others who look at the same thing and also ask ‘why’. And so I ask you, dear reader,

Why not?


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Mar 5, 2009
by Anonymous

This machine already exists.

I've seen this arcade game already at least five six year ago in Asia. It's not as easy as you think!

Mar 6, 2009
by Cosetta
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Really? How come? If you


How come?

If you get a chance, would you please explain why?

Thanks for your thoughts. 


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