Prime Minister's Loud Shirt Selling For High Price

Political types aren't known for their fashion savvy and a loud, five-colored dress shirt worn by Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama did nothing to change that perception. Indeed, photos of Hatoyama trying to look "natural" sparked somewhat of a media frenzy among Japan-watchers and foreign bloggers, though domestic reporting on the so-called "uproar" was virtually non-existent.

The shirt in question is an eye-killer to be sure - a commenter at Japan Probe described it as looking like "a wearable Rubik's Cube", which might be considered an insult to the Rubik's Cube. Though it's unlikely Hatoyama will ever wear the shirt again, YOU can - thanks to a savvy Shanghai shirt company called ShirtsMyWay.

According to ShirtsMyWay co-founders Michael Yang and Peter Crawfurd, Hatoyama is a "fashion hero" who has "got an individual style, and that's what we're about." He has a taste for the rare as well, it seems: ShirtsMyWay only has been able to acquire enough of the garish material to run off 50 of the uncool shirts... which they're offering at their website for a cool $500 (£347) each.

"The media has been quite harsh, and we want to turn this into a positive," said Michael Yang, who adds that "We are also encouraging other heads of state to wear the shirt as a show of support for Hatoyama" at future G8 and G20 summits. Good luck with that, Mike, though at $500 per shirt who else but a head of state could afford one? (via Japan Probe)