Print Amazing Designs On Your Wall With SprayPrinter

If you are a home décor enthusiast or an aspiring inner-city graffiti artist, then SprayPrinter is new technology you’ll want to get your hands on.

Developed by a team of inventors in Tartu, Estonia, SprayPrinter is simply a unique wireless device that converts digital designs into wall art from your trusty smartphone.

According to its team of inventors, the device actually delivers designs and images right from your mobile device to any wall in your home in a matter of minutes.

If you own a home and want to bring life to your walls, or if you enjopy leaving your signature artwork on the sides of buildings or subway trains, then this new device is a must-have invention and one which you will enjoy using.

SprayPrinter Is Easy As ABC

Using the device is beyond simple. A: You just pick your favorite image from the SprayPrinter application; B: Then you connect the device to your aerosol-spray can and active the application and start painting. C: When you are all done, just take a step back and admire your artwork on display.

The SprayPrinter application offers an endless collection of images. You will also need a stable platform or a tripod and face the camera toward the wall you want to decorate. You can also adjust the size and the position of the design by moving the phone close or further away from the wall.

What’s really neat about this device is that when you are printing a design on your wall, your smartphone actually tracks the movement of the printer and knows its exact position – from start to finish. The device is loaded with sensory technology that tactfully calculates movement and positioning. The device also comes with an LED light that is tracked by your mobile device’s camera.

One of the most innovative features of this invention is its electromagnetic valve that opens and closes up to 200 times per second, which means you can print nearly 200 pixels per second. This gives you the freedom to move your hand freely over the area you are decorating, just like you would with a standard paintbrush.

SprayPrinter: The 21st Century Way Of Designing Walls

The device also comes with an app so that anyone in the SprayPrinter community can share their own designs and even photographs too.

This is a neat invention and it will take off in a big way among homeowners around the world, and yes among those graffiti buffs too who want to share their city art with commuters and their neighborhoods.

The device only costs $150 (USD), so you can become an instant artist without having to break the bank.

What kind of designs do you fancy for your walls?