Print Your Own Robot For The Mechanical Uprising With My Robot Nation!

Admit it- You’ve always wanted to build a customized robot friend, but the limitations of modern science just keep giving us vacuum cleaners to step around. Thankfully, My Robot Nation found a worthwhile use for 3D printing to give you the robot of your dreams!

My Robot Nation provides access to a deep and intuitive program that allows users to combine, twist, recolor and pose dozens of individual bot parts to create the robot of your dreams. I’ve taken some time to play with My Robot Nation’s robot creating program, and I had plenty of fun experimenting with the endless combinations of wacky, retro, modern and colorful robot pieces on my quest for the Ultimate Robot.

Even though 3D printers and 3D printing services are snowballing into popularity, My Robot Nation foresaw the potential of the manufacturing platform and been sending out their majorly modified motorized minions for years. My Robot Nation gets bonus points for running with a genuinely cool idea by taking a risk with relatively new technology and a desire to give the masses what they want. (We want robots!)

My Robot Nation, the original customizable automaton printing brand was acquired by 3D Systems in April 2012. Their latest blog post suggests that they are open to new ideas, including the ability to print your robot from the comfort of home, or printing robots with new materials such as plastic and metal. (My Robot Nation’s ‘bots are currently printed using a gypsum powder plaster.) If you have an idea to make designing and receiving your own robot even better, don’t hesitate to share with the MRN team!

With over 9 billion totally unique robot combinations to choose from, there’s no excuse not to build the android of your dreams. Get on over to My Robot Nation and have some fun before they overthrow the hu-mans!


Hey inventors, do you have a great idea for a 3D printing-based business? Have you seen any other cool brands that focus on the innovative manufacturing technology? Share with us in the comments!

Source: My Robot Nation