Prisoner's Inventions

I had seen an exhibit several years ago at the Univeristy of Tempe Museum of the artwork made by prisoners in jail and was totally blown away. Using just the packages of used cigarette packs, the prisoner's came up with intricate and gorgeous sculptures of rare beauty and form. The artistry and the inventiveness of using garbage to make art in an environment of limitless time haunt me to this day.

This website Temporary Services reminds me of the prisoner artwork. It profiles an interesting project highlighting the inventiveness of prisoner's incarcerated in our jails.

"This project was a collaboration with Angelo, an incarcerated artist. He illustrated many incredible inventions made by prisoners to fill needs that the restrictive environment of the prison tries to supress. The inventions cover everything from homemade sex dolls, condoms, salt and peper shakers to chess sets.

We collaborated on this project with Angelo for over two years. We had many additional collaborators who made a book, exhibition of re-created inventions and a prison cell possible. This page offers an overview of the project thus far."

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Jun 4, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

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