Prius 6-Door Limo Goes To Great Lengths For Hybrid Efficiency


Coming after the innovative yet outrageous Prius Hearse, the Prius Limo stretches the concept of hybrid efficiency to new heights... or should we say, lengths.

While just a one-off concept project at the moment, the Prius Limo is a viable vehicle for our eco-mad times. Bridging the gap between traditional limousines and compact sedans, the Prius Limo could be a nifty alternative for those who need the roominess of an SUV or minivan but want to be driving something more friendly to the environment - not to mention more frugal at the gas pumps.

The car seems to have been made from 2 Prius sedans; an 06-07 model for most of the forward portion and an 04-05 car for the rear end. The somewhat jarring, Buick-like dip in the middle window is necessary to align the front and rear side windows.

With 6 doors (plus the rear hatchback) and a capacity of 8, the Prius limo is a bona-fide people-mover that still manages to get 50mpg, though that's just the word of the builder/owner and not the result of testing by either Toyota or the EPA.

You can't buy a Prius Limo yet but you never know about the future - an actual 6-door Prius would have a niche market to itself at first, much like the first station wagons and minivans. And you know how THOSE ideas panned out. (via Jalopnik)

Sep 7, 2009
by Anonymous

Wow! The Perfect Family Vehicle!

We gave up our Prius when the third child came for a minivan.

This is Great, encourage Toyota to invest!

Sep 12, 2009
by Anonymous

Drove one

I drove the Std Prius around PA area & It does have Heft when needed.
Radical as Limo.
Now will the Hollywood crowd BUY into it for those seeing GREEN ties.
Produce this for Limo companies alone to use.