Proaesthetics: Supportive Medical Devices With A Fashionable And Artistic Interpretation

No one likes to wear or use necessary medical devices, but when it's a case of incapacitation versus fashionably crippled it's a worthwhile sacrifice to make. But now there's a designer who has made sure you don't need to with fashion-friendly medical wear.

Proaesthetics CaneProaesthetics Cane

Proaesthetics is the line by Francesca Lanzaveccia which includes a neck brace, back brace, canes and crutches which are all slightly more subtle, often extremely functional for more than just body support, and much more aesthetically appealing than their typical medical varieties. The Proaesthetic Neck Brace is designed to look like a hood, the back brace has a design that more closely resembles lingerie, and canes and crutches which also double as attractive and sensible furniture.

Proaesthetics Neck BraceProaesthetics Neck Brace

In our society of strong and capable people, the last thing we want to do is draw attention to our physical limitations, with these slightly more subtle designs, we can maintain the illusion that everything's okay while receiving the physical support we need. Or, if nothing else, they make a bold fashion statement.

Proaesthetics Neck BraceProaesthetics Neck Brace

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