Probably Not TSA Approved - The Playmobil Security Checkpoint

With hilarity that seems almost too on-point to be real, the Playmobil "Security Check Point" has seen a sudden resurgence of interest online.

Playmobil has long been known for its fun and interesting toys covering almost all aspects of life and history. From cars to houses to farms to pyramids, the Playmobil line includes just about everything that children have ever wanted to see in person or imagine.

Now, hot on the heels of yet another "TSA issue" is the sudden popularity of the Security Check Point set from Playmobil, ripe with fun playtime goodness and the opportunity to make hilarious remarks in the Amazon comments section (people did, believe us - we've scrolled through a number of them).

Initially, this playset seemed almost too hilarious to be true, but it appears that this is in fact a real-deal Playmobil experience. Certainly it makes sense in the context of the airport set that the company sells, but the entire set just seems too amusing to pass without tongue-in-cheek remark. As it turns out, the set is actually two years old, but recent events have catapulted its popularity.

The set comes with 2 security guards, a female traveler with luggage, an x-ray machine and a scanner and is for sale on Amazon, but as of this writing only 1 set is listed for purchase at the whopping price of $225. That's a lot of green for three small plastic people and some satirical security scanners.

Please place your plastic luggage onto the conveyor: do not resist.Please place your plastic luggage onto the conveyor: do not resist. 

Sure, the playset  doesn't include the full-body scan-o-matron or the "search room" you get taken to if you've got the wrong items in your luggage, but Playmobil obviously took the effort to make the entire scene as accurate as possible, right down to the detector wand in the standing security guard's hand.

It's a shame the toy is no longer widely available, as airport security continues to be a top priority and teaching kids about what to expect is probably not a bad idea.

Just don't try getting on a plane with this thing.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, this item is no longer available. You'll have to settle for this Police Checkpoint Toy instead. 

Source: Amazon 

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