Problem Solver: Beer Company Fuels Corporate Creativity With Drinking Formula

If you thought that "day drinking" was something better left behind with your college days, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn what a new company is encouraging people to do in order to trigger their creativity.

The Problem Solver Company makes beer that is designed to get the creative juices flowing. When people inhibit their thinking, sticking to "in the box" solutions, or failing to open their minds to all options, creativity is stunted. Of course, creativity isn't just required for those working in the art field, but for everyday problem solving required for any career.

So how does The Problem Solver help people release their inhibitions? Obviously, that's where the beer comes in! But before you start drafting an apology letter to your boss for throwing up on his/her shoes after a couple too many, know that this company has a system in place to help you consume just enough to benefit creativity. 

Studies claim that the ideal blood alcohol level for creativity is 0.075% (a measurement that is typically under the legal driving limit). That means you won't be dancing on tables at the office, but you may drink just enough to release your inhibitions. A scale on the side of the bottle tells those consuming the alcohol when it's time to put aside the 75cl bottle. The scale is based on body weight, but concessions do need to be made for individual alcohol tolerance levels.

CP&B Copenhagen is behind the concept, and the IPA beer - brewed by Rocket Brewing Co - comes in at 7.1%. In order to help drinkers tap into their optimal creativity and determine exactly how much beer they need to drink, local brainstorming sessions are being arranged.

What do you think of this concept, and do you think that corporations will embrace it as a workplace enhancement tool?