Process Fitness Furniture Stores Your Clothes, Tones Your Body

You know what sucks about home exercise equipment--besides the fact that it's heavy, expensive and means that you have to exercise? It takes up a ton of space, space that you may not have to give.

Well, what if exercise equipment were built into something else that takes up a lot of space? What if one home accessory could store your clothes and get you toned while bearing a single footprint? Well, I reckon exercise equipment would still suck, but at least it wouldn't take up so much room. 

This home fitness piece by Proceed is a large dresser that doubles as an exercise unit for all kinds of stretching and crunching. You can hang on it to stretch and pull, use it to support you for such exercises as crunches, and then throw your exercise clothes in there (after a thorough washing, of course). 

Similarly, there's a table that doubles as a set of exercise bars. 

This functional furniture seems like a great idea, especially for a condo or small home where you don't have the room for dedicated exercise equipment. The only problem I see is that when your exercise equipment doubles as a dresser or table, it would be easy to cover it up with all kinds of junk so that you don't have to exercise anymore. 

Process via Trend Hunter 

Dec 5, 2010
by Anonymous

very good

very good

Apr 26, 2011
by Anonymous

Fitness Furniture

What a brilliant Idea, this is way better than the good old couch potato. Maybe a future fad.. Nicely done.

Sep 9, 2011
by Anonymous

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