ProcrasDonate: Donate To Charity For Time Online; A New Excuse To Social Network!

How much time do you spend online each and every day social networking, chatting, reading blogs and ProcrasDonateProcrasDonatenews sites? Justify it as you'd like, it might be to market your business, save your sanity, whatever. But total it up and you might be shocked. A new site helps you take the time you spent and turn it into something good.

ProcrasDonate is a site that allows users to pledge how much they'll donate based on the number of hours that they've wasted online each and every day. You might not always be productive when you watch endless hours of YouTube videos, but at least you'll know you're helping someone else by donating to a charitable cause. It's also a great excuse to spend even more time online.

Might not actually increase productivity, but employers might use it as a threat for those caught tweeting on their iPhones or perusing Facebook on their Blackberries!

Via: Springwise