Portable, All Purpose Bluetooth Speaker By Abco Tech - Product Review

When it comes to having your favorite tunes with you in the shower, there are few options out there in the market.  For starters, you could play it out of your smart-phone’s miniscule speaker – placing it in a cup, only giving you a grainy playback full of gain and a small amount of sound that can barely rise above the thud of falling water.  Otherwise, you must shell out some cash for an expensive, wired player that requires an outlet and only increases your chance of electrocution.


Thankfully Abco Tech’s new portable, All Purpose Bluetooth speaker saves you that trouble, and gives you an innovative and convenient way to groove out during your daily cleanse.  Not only is great for showers, but the product’s cordless feature allows you to enjoy your music anywhere: the beach, on your bike, in your office, etc.


This unique speaker gives you a wide array of options that adds to its versatility and all-around awesomeness.  First off, its Bluetooth feature allows smartphones and other enabled devices the ability to stream your sounds wirelessly, thus keeping your precious phone at a safe distance from harmful water, or even in your pocket during a hands-free situation.

The built-in FM radio is also handy, and surprisingly, works quite well.  Although, my only complaint with the radio feature is the antenna’s jutting wire, which is quite to keep out of way while in the shower, but otherwise, not an issue anywhere else.

The 3.5mm auxiliary output is great for devices without Bluetooth capabilities, and the large waterproof case in the back keeps is completely safe.  I even submerged the back part of this case in water, and was shocked how water-proof it actually is.

Abco’s All Purpose Speaker charges via micro USB, giving you several hours of use when fully charged.  A power saving feature that allows the device to shut-off automatically after not using it would have been a nice feature, however, the only way to turn it off requires you t unzip it and flick the switch – not the most convenient task when it’s strapped in somewhere.

A ported headphone jack has also been implemented, but really is unnecessary – unless you want a redundant way to quietly listen to music on your smartphone or the built-in FM radio.


My favorite feature about the speaker it can be played anywhere; a trip to the river, pool, bike ride, etc.  The three straps located atop the device give you leverage you need to secure it virtually anywhere.  It also contains a hook for attachment to backpacks or even your keys.

The places you can take this thing are endless!  No longer must you struggle to find an outlet in order to play your music or podcasts in public.

The Multi Use Bluetooth Portable Speaker's built-in waterproof case.The Multi Use Bluetooth Portable Speaker's built-in waterproof case.


While it may not possess the quality of a pricey Bose system, the Abco Tech All Purpose Portable speaker gives off plenty of boom for your buck.  With a planned retail price of $40, you definitely will be getting your money’s worth, especially with all the features that are built in.

With a design fit for wet conditions, you don’t have to worry about getting a bit of H20 in the speaker – as it is protected nicely.  However, I do not recommend letting it float alongside you in pool, due to the zipper that encloses the outputs may let in some unwanted water.

Final Verdict

For such an economical speaker with a wide array of features, it’s hard not to suggest buying this device.  My only complaints are the antenna for the FM radio and the lack of a power saving feature that shuts the device off automatically after a period of non-usage. 

The portability – given the fact you don’t need an outlet – I think, is the true selling point of this product.  The Bluetooth option is also a major feature that is definitely worth buying into, and combined with all of its other features, makes The All Purpose Bluetooth Speaker by Abco Tech definitely worth a purchase.  

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