Productive Cardio: Multitasking With FitDesk

Ever feel like the only exercise you get at work is lifting your coffee mug and taking the occassional walk to the corner for an oversized, smothered burrito? Well, here's a better way of staying in shape.


It's called the FitDesk, and it's basically a desk on an exercise bike. You can file TPS reports, do payroll or just update your Facebook page while keeping a lookout for the boss, all while pedaling your way to a better you. Pretty soon that perfect-bodied, co-ed intern won't be the only one looking fine in her skirt. 

The FitDesk probably won't be good for 8 hours a day--a bike saddle makes even the hardest, least flexible desk chair look like a recliner, but that's okay because the FitDesk is lightweight and foldable, meaning you can fold it up and slip it into the nearest supply closet. 

The FitDesk's price tag of around $200 doesn't seem half-bad for a desk/exercise bike combo. The FitDesk gets great reviews on Amazon andcan be seen here.

Via: BeSportier 

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Mar 28, 2011
by Anonymous

Fitdesk as office chair

As a writer, I work from home, and I do get up pretty frequently during the day, but I probably put in four or five hours a day on my Fitdesk. So far, no discomfort, although my legs did get tired for the first couple of weeks.

To make it work, I moved my monitor and computer onto a nearby lateral file, and I keep my keyboard, wristrest, and mouse on the Fitdesk. I had purchased one of the small, no-keypad keyboards to accommodate a small desk before finding the Fitdesk, so it all fits with no problem.