10 Punny Gifts For Witty Word Lovers



There's nothing quite like a punny gift to make that special word lover in your life crack a smile.  With holidays just around the corner, I've compiled a list of quirky items so literal they're punny to put on your list.


1. Hand Job Jar Opener

Sometimes a good quality hand job just does the trick...opening jars and such.  What did you think I meant?  When you get frustrated because you can't get a good grip, ask for a handjob.  You can get 2 for $4.95 (post commercial)


2. This Must Be A Sign

Have you ever wished for a sign to let you know if you're making the right choice or to guide you in some way?  Well here it is.  Literally.  These wooden signs by Reinsign are made from old cabinets and cost $63.


3. Cereal Killer

This deadly assassin claims hundreds every morning.  It's probably in your house right now.  It's the cereal killer.  

This hilarious hand-stamped spoon can be found for around $9-$11 in Etsy shops like VinylPhraseCraze.


4. That Blows Hankies

How about blowing your nose on something that really blows?  For $20 on House 8810, you can get this hilarious set of 5 handkerchiefs made to look like a bad report card, a pink slip, an insufficient funds statement, an actual war-time Dear John letter, and a parking citation.


5. Hi, I'm Mat Doormat

You see him every day, wipe your shoes on him, and basically step all over him but I bet you don't even know his name.  Meet Mat.  Door Mat, that is, and you can find him on Amazon for $19.71.


6. F-Bomb Paperweight

While there's not much to say about this metal paperweight, it's sure to get some laughs from people who are clever enough.  Essentially, you could use it as a tool to determine who you do and don't want to be friends with.

7. Tea Rex Tea Infuser

Tea Rex is a green silicone tea infuser with an insatiable appetite for loose tea leaves.  Feed Tea Rex your favorite tea, and then dip him in your cup of hot water.  It's as easy as one, two, TEA!

8. Mr. T Tea Cup

I pity the fool who doesn't think this Mr. Tea tea cup is amazing.  Tea Cups like this set by LennyMud on Etsy for $20 are well crafted and make for funny and punny conversation pieces.

9. Unicorn Corn Holders

This product is corny.  

This colorful set of four Gama-Go Unicorn Corn Holders is $7.59 on Amazon.  Cute and punny, how could you pass this deal up?

10. Hand Soap

Your guests won't know whether to laugh or be disturbed by these hand shaped hand soaps from Imaginary Animal.  For $16, you get 8 hand crafted doll hand shaped soaps.

Well rye dough know about you, bundt I'm oil punned out fahrenheit now.

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