Professor Recycles Rainwater and Sunlight To Bring More Color To Our Lives


It seems the New Year will be filled with an array of colors, recycled rainwater and solar power thanks to Michael Jones McKean's, professor at the Virginia Commonwealth University. Why? Michael has created a machine that can make man-made rainbows recycling natural resources.

Michael's machine uses high-powered jet pumps and custom fountain nozzles that spray a wall of recycled rainwater into the air. The sunlight completes the man made rainbow. In addition, the pumps are powered with solar power and the rainwater is continuously recycled back into the machine to be used again in the manmade rainbows.

Michael has practiced making rainbow for the past 8 years in parking lots. In June Michael will debut his machine that will create larger rainbows at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Omaha, Nebraska.

From Michael Jones McKean's siteProposal for Certain Principles of Light and Shapes Between Forms 2009

A small prismatic rainbow, about 80 feet wide and 30 feet tall arching over my studio building in Richmond, Virginia, USA made using sunlight and water supplied by a series of pumps, hoses and nozzles. The rainbow used 80 gallons on water recaptured and continuously re-circulated by way of the buildings water/gutter system. Richmond, Virginia, USA

The goal is to make a 15-minute rainbow twice a day and allow visitors to walk through the rainbows. People may even be able to see the man-made rainbows up to 1000 feet away. ( I say, place one of these over man-made lakes and parks for everyone to enjoy. Maybe if  kids and adults had a rainbow to play in they would spend more time outdoors.

What would the double rainbow guy Hungrybear9562 think about this man-made rainbow?

LOL! Sorry, I couldn't help myself. I had to include this video. It makes me giggle every time. Happy 2011 everyone! May this year be filled with more color and fresh air.

Via: Really Natural,  InhabitatDVICE and Hedonister