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When I heard about Catwalk Genius' adopt a designer program, I thought "what a business concept!" My imagination ran wild with the possibilities of such an innovative idea, but after reading about in depth, I have to say, I'm not quite so impressed. Don't let that stop you from reading on, however, because I will reveal my expectations regarding Catwalk Genius' implications of adopting a designer and how it just doesn't live up.

As you may have gathered by now, you don't really get to adopt a designer in any way shape or form. You can't adopt them to job shadow and learn about the fashion industry. You can't adopt them to get behind the scenes of the hottest fashion events. You can't even adopt them to have them make you over into a self-proclaimed fashionista with exclusive designs made just for you. Any of those would have been great business concepts which would have attracted a great following of fashion enthusiasts. So aren't you disappointed? I know, me too. But for anyone out there looking for a unique fashion businesses, feel free to make note of the above; I won't even ask for a large cut of the revenue pie when the business trend catches on.

Now, let me tell you what adopting a designer with Catwalk Genius really does. It follows a new business trend that is popping up around various industries; crowdfunding. The term indicates pretty much exactly what you think; groups of interested parties invest to offer support to a business or service, in this case, budding fashion designers.

Catwalk Genius specializes in featuring independent designers to boost their recognition in the industry and of course source funding for the development of their clothing and accessories. Fans of these designers and their work can buy shares in order to receive a potential cut of the profit for 15 EURO (1 EURO of that is for processing). Catwalk Genius continues their fundraising efforts on behalf of the designer until 5,000 shares are sold and donates the 70,000 EURO to allow them to create and launch their collection within a six month period.










What makes Catwalk Genius more than a glorified fundraising website for the fashion-inclined is of course that supporters of the designers get a cut of the profit if the collection sells; shared between its creator and Catwalk Genius as well. Naturally, since there is no guarantee that a designer's collection is successfully purchased supporters to receive benefits in the meantime, by way of a limited edition piece sent directly from the designer.

So maybe you don't really get to adopt a designer, but this is a great way for fashion lovers to get involved in the fashion world without having any relevant skills or talent of their own, while knowing they're doing a great thing by supporting up-and-comers in the fashion world. Jesting aside, Catwalk Genius proves itself to be a cutting edge business that combines new trends with tried and true techniques.

If you want to get involved and back a designer or sign up as a fashion designer yourself, you can learn more here.

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Mar 18, 2009
by Anonymous


i know has a lot of replicas that i know people have bought and have been happy ... I just love the Balenciaga Motorcyle bag!