Program Your Own Bot (for Kids, and Kids at Heart)


When it comes to robots there area few choices for kids. Unless you want to give them an overpriced toy that doesn't actually teach them much, that is. But what if you want a bot that encourages real skills? Then you probably want an Mowayduino. The tongue twister of a name aside the bot is designed to help teach kids how to program. The bot, which is not quite on sale yet, will allow for programming with C++ and JAVA, as well as providing a kid-friendly graphic based programming interface.

In addition the system is going to have apps for iPhone and Android in general that are going to help budding young developers to figure out how to make the bot do cool new things. The system's real cool feature however is the fact that the robot has a set of expansion slots. In those slots a set of additional modules can be plugged in and the function of the bot can be expanded.

Source and Image: Mowayduino