Programmable Tattoos Combine Tech And Ink: moodINQ Should Be Real

moodINQ WandmoodINQ WandSo you love tattoos but hate commitment. In a world that's constantly changing, sticking it out with the same tattoo can get boring. You change your clothes, your hair, your home, so why not change your tattoo, as well? Unless you added more ink or had it lazered off, that tattoo was not going to change. Think Geek reimagined the tattoo with a faux product called moodINQ. You can switch up your design or leave your skin blank depending on the situation. That's quite a comfort for people who love to mix it up. Strut your stuff with that dolphin on your lower back today, and enjoy the artsy effect of feathers in the breeze tomorrow. Customize your ink and stay original. If only we could...

The process is pretty (pretend) genius. MoodINQ would use an E ink encapsulated system. A cosmetic industry physician inserts a "canvas" onto your skin after you decide where you want to display your ink. This canvas is an E ink grid that receives signals from your tattoo wand. Think back to when you switched up designs on your Lite Brite. Same concept, just way, way cooler, and on your skin.

The internet thought this was real; I found tons of websites that fell for moodINQ's awesomeness. I was fooled for a while, but when I clicked the "buy now" button, I was stuck looking at a Shiba Inu April Fools banner. It would be amazing to pick a tattoo from a data base or upload a unique design, scan it onto a canvas with a tattoo wand, and change your tattoo's appearance. Think Geek has been known for created products based off their jokes. We can cross our fingers that one day moodINQ becomes a reality.

If you can't decide on just one tattoo, or you get sick of the same look day in and day out, the moodINQ system would be the way to go. Dig the ink without the commitment. Hopefully the moodINQ system becomes a reality before another shoulder blade falls prey to the Chinese characters for love. Until then, there are some terrific tattoo pens. See Tattop Pens: Create Awesome Tattoos Without The Committment.

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