Progressive European Companies Offer Refund Services When Travel Plans Fall Through

 Most of us are not aware of our rights to refunds and compensation when we cancel our travel plans or when weather or overbooking disrupts our airline flights. Two progressive and trendsetting new companies in the travel industry help people reclaim their rightful funds at a time when the economy requires us to watch our finances.









Miss Refund, a company based in the Netherlands, knows that sometimes our travel plans change unexpectedly or situations occur that cause us to miss our flights. While the airlines will not refund the price of the unused tickets, they may throw would-be travelers a bone by offering the return of taxes and surcharges. Most people on their own, won't bother to take the steps necessary to get the money back that they are owed or just don't know the right way to go about it. So for 25 Euros, Miss Refund will fight the battle for you, and will even refund your money if they cannot successfully receive the charges back from the airlines.











EU Claim helps us travelers whose travel plans have been compromised at no fault of our own. Many of us have been there, stranded due to cancelled flights or bumped due to overbooking. When this occurs, we deserve to be compensated and the law in the European has supported this sense of retribution since 2005. We may feel wronged, but aren't always aware what we're entitled to or how we have to go about getting what we deserve. EU Claims, like Miss Refund, does the travel industry dirty work on behalf of wronged travelers while operating out of major airports in the EU; getting the rightful compensation that is well-deserved.

 These two innovative businesses put Europe ahead of the game in the international travel industry. While travel regulations may vary in North America, expect to see similar businesses appearing in the American and Canadian markets.