Propeller Island Hotel: Luxury Hotel With Strange And Freaky Themed Rooms

Propeller Island Hotel in Berlin, Germany is among the strangest and funkiest places to stay in the world. This certainly isn't your typical Motel 6; find out why at this cool hotel you'll have an experience you'll never forget.

Two Lions Room - Propeller Island HotelTwo Lions Room - Propeller Island Hotel

Propeller Island Hotel is a unique place to stay where each room has a different theme. None of them are consistent, but each of them is well-designed and unique; some are even downright scary. Staying here, you won't need to worry about spending additional money on entertainment, because exploring your room will keep you busy for ages. Plus, with rooms ranging from 99 Euro to 200 Euro, it's a unique luxury hotel that's also affordable.

Gruft Room - Propeller Island HotelGruft Room - Propeller Island Hotel

The Lion's Den Room, which is one of the bigger suites at the hotel, features two sleeping cages on stilts in the center of the room. The bathtub is located on an indoor balcony, and the bathroom is up in a tower with views of the golden tub below. The Gruft Room is a little more macabre with sleeping coffins built above a deep, dark labyrinth. Other unique rooms feature a jail cell, "Grandma's Room" with a hidden sink and toilet and décor from decades past, or a room that's all about nudity. Of course, such an artistic hotel also has its own gallery and themed eatery to continue the strange luxury experience.

Aug 29, 2009
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