Propeller Pen from Japan Keeps Writers Cool

Writing a hot screenplay but your editor complains the plot's too overblown? At least your fans think you're cool... but if they don't, the Fan Pen Type R is here to shoot the breeze with you. Or actually, ON you.

The Fan Pen Type R – we're not sure what the “R” is for but whatever – weighs just 40 grams (under 2 oz) and except for the whirling propeller on the back end looks much like any other fine-point marker or ballpoint pen. Just don't chew on it while lost in thought... nose jobs are best performed by plastic surgeons!

When you're ready to write, simply twist the body of the pen and the ballpoint pops out; twist again to retract the point. Twisting in the opposite direction causes the pen to dissemble for changing the battery or to replace the ink cartridge.

The latter, by the way, could be either a Pilot BRF-8M-B or a Pentel KFS7 – basically most any replacement ink cartridge designed for the 2.3mm system. Whether you're writing or not, the fan mode is activated via a small slide switch on the back end.

The manufacturer, Elaice, states that users can enjoy approximately 6.5 hours of continuous airflow from one AAA alkaline battery (included). The pen fans come in white with your choice of purple, pink, orange, green, or blue trim, or with an all-black body. They're available now at Japanese department and stationery stores such as PLAZA, Afternoon Tea and Tokyu Hands. (via Excite News Japan)