Protect Baby Daddy’s Swimmers With RadiaShield Boxer Briefs

Each quarter Apple's profits increase, yet with each male’s use of a cell phone his sperm count and motility decrease. I am not saying Apple is the direct link to slow swimmers in baby daddy’s junk, but an increase in cell phone use and exposure to our bodies while carrying a cell phone is. Blame any and all cell phone makers you want. Everyday radiation from televisions, Wi-Fi, and cell phones are noticeably damaging men’s sperm. RadiaShield Boxer Briefs will protect the package.

Started by a mother worried about constant doses of low level radiation to her unborn child, Belly Armor and RadiaShield Technologies lab provides expectant mothers and families the resources and products to protect themselves against everyday radiation. Belly Armor offers Belly Blankets, Nursing Covers, Belly Bands, and Maternity Tops. The RadiaShield Boxer Briefs are the newest product from Belly Armor.

In order for women to become expectant mothers, they need sperm. Healthy sperm. Research done by the Cleveland Clinic found that the duration of cell phone exposure directly relates to the decrease in sperm count, motility, viability, and morphology.

RadiaShield Boxer Briefs will protect men’s sperm by significantly reducing the amount of radiation they are exposed to by their cell phones. Using RadiaShield Technology and Fabric, RadiaShield Boxer Briefs are soft and breathable underwear for men. The protection is focused on the front and back of the briefs—where men carry cell phones in pockets—since radiation from the side is absorbed by the body before traveling to a man’s reproductive organs.

The RadiaShield Fabric protects the body by neutralizing incoming electromagnetic waves and cancels out ambient radiation, thus reducing exposure and the negative side effects associated with it. The material is anti-odor, anti-bacterial, and machine washable. It’s also free of toxins and allergens.

Independent testing has shown RadiaShield Fabric to be highly effective too, blocking 99% of everyday radiation.

Bottom line: Cell phones are not good for reproductive health. When it comes to fertility, what the man has to offer is just as important as the woman carrying the baby. And since a cell phone only needs to be a few centimeters away from a man to cause sperm damage, keep it out of your pants—the phone that is—or wear RadiaShield Boxer Briefs. Protect those swimmers, guys.