Protect Your Pet From Drowning With The Safety Turtle Alarm System


Fortunately, Dwayne 'the Rock' Johnson was right near his swimming pool a few weeks ago when his two bulldog puppies took a surprise splash for the first time.  One puppy swam like a fish; the other, 'Brutus,' sank "like a brick," according to Johnson.  But some pet parents or pet sitters may not be around when pets decide to take a plunge, or accidentally fall into the water.  Whether your pets are in your backyard, or are boating, beaching, or hot-tubbing, the Safety Turtle Pet Immersion Kit will help you protect them and make the sinkable unthinkable.


Safety Turtle Pet Immersion KitSafety Turtle Pet Immersion Kit


The Safety Turtle Pet Immersion Kit includes a Velcro pet safety collar with an attached battery-operated 'Turtle' alarm that is activated by submersion in water. The Kit also includes a programmable Home Base Turtle that sounds loudly when the collar Turtle is submersed in water.  The Home Base unit can be kept in the house or wherever you are, as long as an electrical unit is accessible.  The Home Base unit must be in direct sight of the body of water, however, with no trees or structures interferring with the sight, except a window.  The Home Base is not waterproof so while boating it's important to keep the Home Base as dry as possible.

A great feature of his system is that the alarm does not go off until the system is reset at the Home Base; there is a continuous blast of sound until your pet is secure.  If you need protection for more than one pet, you can add more pet safety collars to the system, as long as the turtles are the same color as the original Turtles, in this case, green.


Adjustable Safety Turtle Collar AlarmAdjustable Safety Turtle Collar Alarm


Have a toddler around?  No problem.  Just add another collar, but adjust it as a bracelet on your child's arm.


Child can also be protected by the Safety Turtle Collar/BraceletChild can also be protected by the Safety Turtle Collar/Bracelet


According to the manufacturer, the Safety Turtle Pet Pool Collar/Bracelet works well in fresh or salt water.  The Safety Turtle Child Kit was the first turtle water protection unit from its manufacturer, RJE Technologies, makers of aqua safety equipment.  The Safety Turtle Pet Immersion Kit evolved naturally from the child kit.


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