Protect Your Trees From Animals With This New Invention

Faced with a problem of deers destroying their trees, Jim and Jill Saunders have tried several solutions but none of them produced the outcome they wanted: "Deer were devastating our trees during the gestation period", Jim Saunders said. "We tried different sprays and protective guards, and nothing worked".

During rutting season, which goes from late fall to early spring, male deers rub their antlers and foreheads on tree trunks to deposit their scent, consequently damaging the bark and potentially killing the trees. In order to prevent this problem, Jim and Jill developed, together with the Lehigh University Small Business Development Center, a new product that protects trees from animal action.

After trying out several settings and solutions, the duo came out with one that, according to their thinking, might be marketable: Tree Armor is a tapered brown vinyl coil that wraps tightly around the trunk of a tree. It also has holes along the coil, so that the tree can breath, therefore preventing mold and mildew.

The spiral or corkscrew design wraps about 4 feet up the tree trunk and can be applied or removed in a matter of seconds. Tree Armor can accommodate a variety of diameters and also helps protect trees against rodents and other potential pests.

With the help of the Lehigh University Small Business Development Center, they managed to find producers within the US, as they were ordering production from China. The product is selling at a good pace, and can be ordered from the company's website.

The people behind Tree Armor are just another example to show how, with proper guidance and small business insurance info, ideas can become into profitable businesses, having some impact of people's lives. In well structured businesses, success is not a mirage.