Protect Feet and Country With Sanitary Socks: Great Idea?

The inventor of Patent # US7012525, the Sanitary Security Sock System has found a way to keep one step ahead of Freddy the Foot Fungus and those of his ilk who would have their way with us. Taking off our shoes, putting them on the conveyer belt to be X-Rayed and walking through the metal detector at an airport does not address health concerns.



In the inventor’s own words:

“With the increase in airport security measures, many recent inventions have focused on improving the accuracy and efficiency of current airport security systems. However, none of these inventions have focused on the health concerns that have surfaced as a result of the implementation of the new security standards.”

Patent # US7012525 is reminiscent of that television commercial where the fungus makes itself at home inside an unsuspecting toenail. Remember that one? The inventor is determined to prevent Freddie from taking such liberties with the “one size fits all” Sanitary Security Sock System. Each of the socks has a closed end, an open end and an intermediate extent there between. Each sock has an elastomeric pad with both upper and lower faces for traction purposes. A passenger about to board a plane would choose from a plurality of containers containing pairs of socks of a common size.

Is all of this really worth the trip? Who can say?

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