Protect Your Identity with FlatterMe

Did you know that the Federal Trade Commission suggests that people should not carry personal identification in wallets? Instead these should be carried someplace else on your person. The FlatterMe Leg Pocket makes this possible in style and with functionality.











Not only can the FlatterMe Leg Pocket be worn on the leg, it can also be strapped around your wrist, thighs, biceps, ankles...


Rotha Cain, CEO of FlatterMe, Inc. entered the fashion scene in 2005 with her patented Leg Pocket wallet & garters.

As an international traveler she was well aware of the threat of being profiled for thievery and the possibility of being surrounded and bumped which could result in handbags, fanny pacs, backpacks and pockets being extracted of valuables and wallets. To lose identification anywhere can cause considerable damage but the repercussions of doing so in a foreign country are inestimable. Determined not to be a victim herself, Rotha decided she wanted more than the traditional pouch on a string or a bag around her waist to carry her personal valuables. She realized that her protection needed to be functional yet flattering. So in 2005 she created and patented the FlatterMe Leg Pocket.

Wear garterWear garter

Insert WalletInsert Wallet

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Easy to use, the Leg Pocket attaches to a garter designed to be worn in a variety of ways:

Thigh Wallet
Bicep/Calf Wallet
Ankle/Wrist Wallet
Under Garments
Over Garments with Embellishment

It is made of lambskin and suede or patent leather and suede, is comfortable to wear when additional property protection is desired and is a great gift idea and. One can wear it almost anywhere, like

Evening out

The Leg Pocket wallet is a discrete size - just 3 1/2 X 3"; the garters come in various sizes. Pocket pinch? In the range of $29.00 - $35.00.