Protective Winter Boots: Reversible Cleat Boots Prevent Slipping And Scuffing

During those icy months in cold climates conditions can be treacherous. It's not uncommon to do a butt plant (or face plant if you're not so lucky). Special grips and cleats can be added to your winter footwear to provide winter traction, but they're not exactly the most practical solution.

Winter Cleat BootsWinter Cleat Boots

Strap on cleats need to be removed and put back on constantly, and they can cause damage to different surfaces like porches if worn where they aren't exactly welcome! The Reversible Cleats Leather Boots offer a solution for those cold and icy winter conditions. They contain cleats on the front and back that flip right back into place so that they convert back to standard rubber soles quite simply!

These reversible cleat leather boots might not be fashionable, but sometimes in the winter, it's only function that matters (sorry). (Buy here.)

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