Proton Designed Hybrid Concept Looks to Please a Tough Crowd of Buyers

Proton, an automaker based out of Malaysia, has been studying the evolution of vehicles for the past few years. They have since been able to identify a few key features that many people look for when buying a new automobile. After teaming up with Italdesign-Giugiaro, the company has decided to put the knowledge to good use in the form of a new hybrid concept.

Presently known as the Proton Hybrid, the new concept will be part of a larger lineup being developed by the automotive duo. It will use a small internal combustion engine to generate power for an electric motor that will turn the front wheels.

Four adults will fit comfortably into the cabin, thanks mostly to the high roofline and wide stance. The designers also made sure the seats were mounted slightly higher than normal to allow for easy ingress and regress.

According to the team responsible for the overall design, the layout of the Proton Hybrid will provide the spacious feel of a larger sedan, without the increase in weight and size.

Expect to see the new Proton Hybrid on the show floor next month.

Motor Stop

Feb 24, 2010
by Anonymous

I think you mean egress not

I think you mean egress not "regress"