PT Cruiser Wedding Coach Is A Marriage Of All Things Ugly

Chrysler's much-maligned PT Cruiser makes an unusual limousine but Russian customizers have gone much, much further into the realm of the weird. This bizarre white wedding coach is the perfect ride for those embarking on a honeymoon from hell.

The genesis of the concept was presumably an attempt to recapture the romance of the Gilded Age, combined with the allure of royal weddings, coronations and other Cinderella-like occasions. The finished product, however, has all the appeal of a rotten pumpkin kicked to the curb after midnight.

According to our sources at English Russia, a car-modifying agency in the northern city of Novgorod saw a need for a luxury wedding limo. They somehow acquired at least one late-model Chrysler PT Cruiser... we'll have to assume their choices were severely limited, being in Novgorod and all.

The next step was issuing marching orders to the workmen with two assumed priorities: make the limo luxurious in the extreme, and create a tall central space where the bride and groom could stand – inside the vehicle – to pose for photographs.

While one can make a case that standard limos have sunroofs that enable stand-up photography, the PT Cruiser/Coach removes any and all roofline obstructions leaving only what can be described as stand-up comedy.

One more thing... for some unimaginable reason, the customizers saw fit to install a mirrored floor in the limo's center section. Hopefully brides are advised to wear floor-length wedding gowns before entering, or this so-called “Exclusive Limo” would become much more XXXclusive.