Puck You Alaska, I'm Taking My Hockey Game To Twitterville

Whether you think Sarah Palin resigned because of an impending legal indictment, a lucrative book deal or blazing a new 'maverick' path to the White House, one thing is very clear...she's using the number one social network in the land to vent her frustrations! Since 4:15 PM, July 2, she has thumped out over a couple of dozen 140-characters-or-less tweets to the Twitterverse, and a few of them are most telling.

Perhaps if we follow the tweetin' breadcrumbs left along the Twitter thoroughfare, we might be able to piece together some rationale as to why the now ex-Governor of Alaska chose to step-down from the one job that secured her national exposure. Is this a case of biting the hand that feeds, or simply another example of the "Empress wearing no clothes?"

Using Twitter as her social medium of choice, she initiated a pre-emptive strike in true George Bush style by pre-empting the traditional medium of TV with a quick teaser tweet on Twitter!

This was quickly followed up by assuring us that her successor  (Lt Governor Sean Parnell) was ready, willing and able to accommodate a smooth transition of power. After all, she didn't want the world to think that she was leaving her beloved Alaskans in the lurch.

"Is there no place safe from the media?" she might have uttered under her breath when she composed her next tweet. Here we find that even in the Twitterville, Sarah has to fight off false accusations.

Never one to not repeat herself, Sarah makes it perfectly clear that she just doesn't like those 'fake twitter sites.' No sireee!!!

Always the articulate soccer Mom, she continues to lambaste her critics.

Stage left enters the FBI. Could our Alaskan ex-Beauty Queen be under investigation?

Well, no conclusive evidence here. Just a lot of speculation. But what's clear is the ex-Governor's selection of a social network where she feels she can share thoughts that might not be colored by the media. At Twitter, Palin has secured a digital haven she can call home, particularly since she is soon becoming persona non grata in her home state. So pack up those bags Todd, Trig. Track and Tripp, Tweetin' Sarah is throwing a stake in the ground in Twitterville! You betcha!


Jul 6, 2009
by Anonymous

That stake in the ground is misplaced.

She deserves a stake through the heart, or maybe a silver bullet.