Pucker Up with Your Own Unique “Kiss Print”

Ah, the seduction of a kiss. So sexy, so timeless. Thanks to dna11's newest project, cocktail napkins and envelopes aren't the only ones lucky enough to receive that puckered stamp of approval -- now, you can have your own sexy pout immortalized on canvas.

Along with our fingerprints and our DNA, our personal "lip print" is amongst those defining characteristics that differentiate us from one another. The guys down at dna11 are now making those personal distinctions available on a large scale -- so large, in fact, that you can slap a frame around your "Kiss Print" and adorn your bare walls with it. How hot is that?

Made famous for its ultra-cool DNA and fingerprint giclee artork, dna11 has teamed up with M.A.C. cosmetics to offer a customized print of your own pout, or that of someone special. According to co-founder Adrian Salamunovic, this was a natural outgrowth of their existing personalized line of art pieces, but with added appeal to a new audience -- "the modern woman's ultimate personal artistic statement." Indeed.

S.W.A.K.S.W.A.K. After you choose the style, size, frame and color, you'll be sent a "lip print collection kit," which includes M.A.C.'s Viva Glam lipstick and a packet of "kiss sheets" on which to perfect your kissing imprint. Once met with your satisfaction, that smooch is sent back to dna11 and is hand-traced on to a canvas, fashioned according to your specifications. Customization options are quite plentiful, so each piece is truly a unique, creative expression through and through. Angelina, you best watch out, girl...

As with all of the Viva Glam line, a portion of these sales go toward the M.A.C. AIDS fund.

To get yourself up and puckering, check out dna11

Sources: Techweb and joshspear

Sarah Olson
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Nov 8, 2007
by Body Beauty


Cool find Sarah!