Puj PhillUp Allows Kids To Grab Their Own Drinks Of Water


"Can I have a glass of water?" It's the refrain parents of small children hear practically all day every day. You're right in the middle of some important task that you can't put down, have just stepped into the shower, or your butt has finally grazed the top of the lounge chair for the first time all day when one of them bellows. Off to the kitchen you dash to grab the millionth cup of the day out of the cupboard. You fill it up and hand it off to your adoring offspring who is appeased, but only momentarily.



The people a Puj feel your pain and, as such, have created the PhillUp in response to your predicament. The PhillUp is a BPA and PVC free silicone and polypropylene (food-safe) cup that attaches to all kinds of flat surfaces. The cups have a flexible loop and come with a 3M adhesive hook to affix to your fridge or other convenient surface. The hooks are said to attach firmly, but remove without any sort of lasting damage. They will stick on a wide range of surfaces such as glass, metal, tile, and fiberglass.   



The 7 oz. cups are sold in one, two and four packs and come in four cheery colors. They’re dishwasher safe too. These would work especially well for those who have a water dispenser on the refrigerator, but as long as kids have access to a sink in the house, they should definitely cut down on water requests. To see what others are saying about Puj PhillUp or to buy, click here.


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