Puj Snug Makes Bath Time Safer


Most kids adore the bath. They splash; they blow bubbles; they squirt each other (and sometimes you) with tub toys. All in all, it’s a good time. That is, until someone flings their head back in raucous laughter and whacks their noggin on the bath faucet. After that it’s nothing but tears, screaming and worry. Puj to the rescue. The company has created the Snug to tackle this exact problem.



The Puj Snug is an ultra soft, bendable and adorable cover that, as the name suggests, fits snugly over the bath spout. It’s flexible enough to fit on a wide variety of taps and the design allows water flow through the bottom. It’s also BPA and PVC free and does not absorb water, so mildew is kept at bay.  

Puj Snug has a kid-friendly elephant design and comes in three soft pastel colors. If you need to use the shower, there is a hole on top of the Snug to allow access to the shower diverter. Even cooler, Puj makes the Snug out of reclaimed Puj tub materials. To see what others are saying about Puj Snug or to purchase click here.  



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