Puke Pets: Funny Fashion Statement Salvages Stained Clothing

Stains happen, but at least now when stains don't come out in the wash you can make a funny fashion statement and salvage your clothing instead of throwing it away. Puke Pets can be pinned onto your clothes when an unfortunate clothing stain happens and are sized to fit in your purse or pocket so they're ready to respond to your unexpected emergency spills.

Whether you have children, or just have logistical problems when it comes to getting food into your mouth, Puke Pets turns embarrassing stains into a joke. Haven't "they" always said it's better to have people laugh with you than at you? By turning your soiled garment into a weird and wacky fashion statement, you set the scene for a mutual joke about your shabby clothing.

Since Puke Pets are only 2.99 GBP for one, or 5.99 GBP for a three-pack of the cute broaches, using them to poke fun at your stained clothing is much more affordable than throwing the ruined garment away and replacing it; so it's also a recession-friendly solution!

Puke Pets can't solve all of your messy problems of course; while having a three-pack on hand to make big spills look purposeful is always handy, the company recommends eating with a bib, or better yet naked, if you have a tendency towards big mealtime messes. We can only expect so much from these nauseously cute little clothing-dwelling critters after all.

Puke Pets makes a similar fashion statement to agua vaª t-shirt, which uses a graphic print of an upside-down bottle of water to make wet t-shirts appear more classy. While Puke Pets brightly colored pins may be tackier way to accomplish the goal, they can better highlight any variety of spilled substance and don't limit where or how much you're able to spill since the design is not in the clothing, but added to it.

Puke Pets knows we're not all runway models and offers an easy, amusing solution for clothing stains that inevitably happen. Moms, order your Puke Pets, and forego the receiving blanket next time it's time to burp your infant, so the stage is set for this innovative and wacky fashion statement.