Mini-Size Your Functional Decor with "Pull + Push" Designs

Hasui PlantersHasui Planters

The Japanese  Pull +Push product line was established in 2002 with the idea of "pushing and pulling new ideas" through conceptual doors. Mostly consisting of small-scale cement models, this line includes handcrafted planters, mirrors, incense burners, coasters and more, all designed by Nobuhiro Sato. The idea is to blend the decorative with the industrial and functional, meanwhile bringing about a new appreciation for commonly overlooked everyday objects.

A majestic 5-inch mansionA majestic 5-inch mansion

Looking for that perfect rooftop garden to satisfy your green thumb? This one is yours for the taking, although it may be a little smaller than what you had in mind. Complete with glass and brass detailing for the balconies and windows, the Mansion Planter stands at an imposing five inches. Some of the building planters and lamps even have "stained glass" varieties, or functional piping through which one could actually direct water flow. If you were so inclined, you could just go all out and create your own little eco-friendly microcosm, lining them up like a crowded cityscape. You might even throw in a plastic Godzilla for that added - ahem - "special" effect, har har.

Wait Mat, Corner Coaster and Foot AshtrayWait Mat, Corner Coaster and Foot Ashtray







At any rate, the whole Pull + Push line has a very gritty, industrial feel to it, and the miniature component, along with its functionality, make these pieces fresh and useful additions to a modern urban minimalist interior.




Source: ifitshipitshere and pull-push (Japanese)

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