AquaMaker Creates Water from Thin Air

AquaMaker, a Houston based company with a new Israeli unit, is now selling a device in the Middle East that allows users to generate their own water. The AquaMaker AM10 pulls ambient humidity from the air and purifies it. In one day, the device can garner 5 gallons of potable water, enough for about 10 people. The AM10 sips energy; it costs only $15 a day to use, though the unit itself is about $1,200 to buy. Recognizing that the unit is expensive for many, AquaMaker will rent the AM10 out for a mere $65 a month. More generously, the company will finance the purchase of the AM10, putting it well within reach for the average Israeli.

The AquaMaker AM10The AquaMaker AM10

While Americans may question the need for such a technology, potable water in Israel is twice as expensive as it is here, even after the Israeli government subsidizes water prices. Just as big a problem is Israel's water deficit and the difficulty of distributing water in the event of a war. The AM10 easily solves these problems at a low cost.

Via: The Jerusalem Post

Lee Nunley
Middle Eastern Innovations Writer


Dec 7, 2007
by sir jorge (not verified)


Great stuff, i don't know if i trust that.

Dec 7, 2007
by Air Jordan fan (not verified)

Wonderful Idea

I think this is a great idea.... I would love to have one of these

Dec 8, 2007
by Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru (not verified)

I think I saw this in a movie once...

Oh, yeah, Luke Skywalker's aunt and uncle were water farmers.
Does George Lucas get Profit sharing?

Dec 9, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

it's called a de-humifier, can get for $100

It's called de-humifier. I have one of these. It cost $100, generates a bucket of water each day. Just put that water through a $20 water filter.

Why charge so much?

Apr 7, 2008
by Anonymous

Just got one

We just bought one of these for our office in New makes more than 7 gallons per day and it cost less than 1 dollar per day in the USA...i don't know why they are saying it costs 15 dollars...maybe because electricity is more expense in other countries???...and yes it is somewhat like a dehumidifier but you cant just slap on any filter on a dehumidifier and drink it because these guys filter the air and than filter water with all the bells and whistles like hot and cold if you looked at this unit from the inside its crazy what features they have like its own on board processor...

May 29, 2008
by Anonymous


where do they sell them in israel then?