Pulp Furniture Or What Did You Do With All Those Egg Cartons?

If you can't afford furniture and have to sit on cardboard boxes, I think we can find something a bit more elegant for you.  Many furniture designs are made from paper these days.  Like Pulp Furniture, for example;  the unique thing about it is that its shapes are so familiar... but not to furniture!

Dan Hockberg and Odelia LaVie, whose Pulp Furniture looks like packaging materials for super super lattes, actually was inspired by the packaging used in electronics shipping.  But the recycled paper made for Pulp Furniture is even stronger, as Ms. LaVie shows off in the Pulp Stool photos below.


Pulp Furniture, nice and strong: © Odelia & DanPulp Furniture, nice and strong: © Odelia & Dan


Pulp Furniture: © Odelia & DanPulp Furniture: © Odelia & Dan


The Pulp Table comes with a glass top and a neat centerpiece bowl atop the core of the table for fruit or objet d'arts.


Pulp Furniture Table: © Odelia & DanPulp Furniture Table: © Odelia & Dan


In additon to the coffee table and stools, the Pulp Furniture set includes a Pulp Wall Clock!


Pulp Furniture: © Odelia & DanPulp Furniture: © Odelia & Dan


There you have it.  A complete living room and dining set. And it all comes packaged in... pulp!


sources: Odelia & Dan via 3rings