Puma’s New Eco-Box is No Box At All

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On April 13th Puma launched another green surprise at the Design Museum in London. To help reduce the million tons of waste made with shoeboxes every year Puma has come together with Yves Béhar to make the "Clever Little Bag". It really is clever.

The "Clever Little Bag" is like the child of the reusable bag and the shoebox were they to have an eco-friendly baby together. Replacing the shoebox with this innovative shoebag will reduce Puma's cardboard use by 65%, as well as save 8500 tons of paper (no more tissue paper will be used), 20 million mega joules of electricity and 1 million liters of water. Because this innovative shoebag requires less cardboard use than a shoebox it weighs less, which will also help reduce the amount a fuel used to transport the shoes. In all, Puma will reduce their carbon footprint by 10,000 tons.

Coming up with the idea wasn't easy. Together, Puma and Yves Béhar (who founded the fuseproject), spent 21 months thinking of ways to come up what they call the "smartest shoebox ever. So, they came up with over 2000 ideas and over 40 packaging prototypes. The goal was to reduce material and shipping cost. Eventually they took out the box and came up with the "Clever Little Bag". Watch the YouTube video below to see how the "Clever Little Bag" was born.

Will the "Clever Little Bag" set a new standard within the retail industry? Puma hopes so. For more information about the "Clever Little Bag" or any of the other Puma eco-friendly projects visit the Puma Vision website. For more information about Yves Béhar and the fuseproject visit the fuseproject here.

Via Puma Vision

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