Pumgo: Stairmaster Meets Scooter


At first glance, this Pumgo Scooter may appear to be one of the dumbest inventions of all time. After all, we've seen pedal-powered scooters before, for years actually. We've even come up with a fond name for these contraptions. Bikes. And bikes come standard with a seat so that you can take a load off every now and again.

So why would anyone want to pedal a scooter, when they could just take a regular, more comfortable bicycle for a ride instead?  Apparently, the Pumgo offers a full cardiovascular workout similar to an indoor stairmaster. Since it's a means of transportation, it allows the user to do more than just awkwardly stare at the hottie on the exercise bike while listening to an MP3 for the thousandth time. Get the "full body" workout of a stairmaster and ride around town looking like a bit of an uber geek the entire time, clearly more practical than taking an hour or two out of your day to hit the gym. Who would have thunk you could exercise and travel at the very same time?

In a press release issued by the company, Dr. Dan Batchelor, a sports medicine specialist from Atlanta, offered this: "Push scooter riding and skateboarding only work one side of the body, leading to lower back pain and muscle imbalance,” he says. “The Pumgo Scooter, however, is a symmetrical exercise designed to strengthen both sides of the body. It delivers a faster more efficient workout time than running or biking. And of course the Pumgo is a thrill to ride.”

It's not clear that a mobile stairmaster is actually "a thrill to ride", and it's also not very clear how the Pumgo is "more efficient" than biking since they use largely the same motion. In fact, that statement seems like a rather convenient add-on, since most of the explanation was focused on the balanced workout of the Pumgo, which, of course, you'd get with a bike or running as well.  However, the Pumgo does fold-up neatly, making it easy to store and transport. Kind of like the original scooter. Have we seen anything new here?

I know I won't be replacing my bike with the Pumgo anytime soon, nor do I expect to see this odd hybrid appealing to that many fitness enthusiasts. However, if you'd like one, they're available from Pumgo's website for a retail price of $299.(UPDATE: These are now available on Amazon for alot less.)

Check out some video for a better idea of what the Pumgo is all about:

via Ubergizmo


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