Punctuation Paperweights Look Both Hot And Cool

Carrying names like "Period", "Comma" and "Quote", these polished aluminum paperweights either look like minimalist molten punctuation marks or, if you prefer, Terminator 2 droppings. Hasta la vista, cubicle geek!

The paperweights may resemble big blobs of liquid mercury but they're actually formed from solid aluminum, which is then hand-polished to a brilliant, reflective shine.

Over time, the surfaces of the paperweights will cloud, tarnish or otherwise oxidize depending on local conditions. The owner has the option of enjoying this natural process or buffing the surface to the original shine as one would do with jewelry.

The paperweights, made in Japan and designed by Takata 361°, weigh from 166 grams (6oz) to 186 grams (6.5oz) and are roughly 2 to 3 inches in size. Any or all of them would make a great gift for your favorite budding or established writer (hint hint!).

Individually they cost 3,675 yen (about $41.50) and a set of three ("Period", "Comma" and "Quote") will run you 10,500 yen (about $119) when ordered online at either Yahoo Japan or Rakuten. (via Kodawari)