Punk Fashion Gadget: Skull Belt Buckle Plays Media

Just because belt buckles are becoming a fashion thing of the past, and MP3 players are soon to be extinct, doesn't mean you can't enjoy this geeky gadget; the skull belt buckle media player.

The punk style wearable gadget makes for hands free entertainment on the go, since it conveniently attaches on your belt as a gaudy, decorative belt buckle. The cast metal skull belt buckle, is sturdy and said to be not only a fun electronic, but also a convenient defense weapon when you become your superhero alter ego.

The unique MP3 media player has 1 GB of storage, an additional compartment to store your own MP3 or media player, and a display screen that flashes psychedelic graphics and colors; perfect for the stereotypical punk fashion lover.

Would you go out in public with this weird and wacky wearable fashion item? The punk skull belt buckle media player is undoubtedly an acquired taste.

Via: RandomGoodStuff.com