Purely Paper Interior Design By Woodnotes

How would you imagine your home to look if your walls, floors, window coverings, chairs, sofas, and interior accessories were made of paper?  Pretty shabby?  Well, get a glimpse here of what it would look like filled with designs made from Woodnotes' paper yarn textiles.


 Woodnotes chairs, cushion bench, draperies, and carpet are all made from paper yarn: ©WoodnotesWoodnotes chairs, cushion bench, draperies, and carpet are all made from paper yarn: ©Woodnotes

The Finnish company was founded in 1987 by textile artist Ritva Puotile and her son Mikko.  Now, with a handful of other textile and interior design artists, Woodnotes produces a mind-blowing array of designs made of paper yarn, a specialized natural material made of wood, an ecologically replenishable material. 

The wood fibers in the paper yarn is what make it strong enough to create dense, tough fabric that maintains brilliance and durability.  Paper is also more hygenic than other materials because it doesn't collect dust or dirt, making it a wonderful option for those with allergies.

Yes, paper yarn is tough and dense, but look at how soft and refined these carpets are....


 Woodnotes paper yarn carpetsWoodnotes paper yarn carpets


and these blinds, available in 22 different colors and patterns...


Woodnotes Roller Blind With Chains: ©WoodnotesWoodnotes Roller Blind With Chains: ©Woodnotes


... and these lounge chairs, My and Roo...


Woodnotes Lounge Chairs - My and Roo: ©WoodnotesWoodnotes Lounge Chairs - My and Roo: ©Woodnotes


Woodnotes' white paper is produced without the use of chlorine gas, and the dyes used to colour our yarn contain neither halogen-organic compounds nor heavy metals." See how rich they are!


Woodnotes Hand-Knit Scarves: ©WoodnotesWoodnotes Hand-Knit Scarves: ©Woodnotes


Imagine more at Woodnotes.



Feb 8, 2011
by Anonymous

Great... I happen to be

Great... I happen to be allergic to paper. Hope this doesn't catch on.