Purify Your Water And Illuminate Your Tent With Bottlelight


When camping, you can only bring a limited amount of equipment, so it helps if that equipment can perform more than one task. Bottlelight, designed by Christoph Kuppert, is not only a water bottle. It is an area light, and it purifies your water while it provides that light.

Bottlelight, right now, is only a concept from Christoph Kuppert. With this concept, Kuppert sought to use the water bottle as a diffuser for a light source. Bottlelight is designed to have a UV light source in the screw-on lid and a reflector, angled at 45 degrees, in the bottom of the bottle, so that the light is reflected and diffused through the bottle.

1 Liter Of Pure Water1 Liter Of Pure Water

The bottle itself will hold a liter of water, or whatever liquid you put in it, though I wouldn't recommend putting Coke or coffee in it, if you want the bottle to diffuse light properly. Both the top and bottom of the bottom will be unscrewable, for easy cleaning. The bottle will be composed of the screw-on, carabiner top, which will house the light unit, shatterproof glass on the inside, plastic on the outside and bottom made of elastomer that will absorb impact. 

Bottlelight's light unit will be composed of a lithium ion battery, LED lights and UV lights. The LEDs will be capable of producing 30 lumens of light for 10 hours of battery life. When the battery dies, a USB port on the top, will allow you to charge it again. Having the 45 degree reflector on the bottom of Bottlelight will allow the unit to give off a plain, non-blinding light.

Illuminate And Purify With BottlelightIlluminate And Purify With Bottlelight

When researching light sources, Kuppert discovered that UV light destroys 99.9% of bacteria and can be used as a water purifier, so he incorporated UV lights into his design. The LED lights will be the primary light source, while the UV lights will give off light and purify the water you put into the bottle. This means, in theory, that you could dip your bottle into a nearby stream and have purified water in no time. 

As I said, Bottlelight hasn't yet made it out of the design/concept stage, so don't go online shopping for it. However, you can check out Christoph Kuppert's design page for more information, design schematics and a short video on the Bottlelight.