Purposefulness Of Shadow Chair Stands Out In A Crowd

Sometimes, a designer turns a common concept on its head, but in this case designer John Leung puts the standard chair design flat on its ass. Enter the “Purposefulness of Shadow”. 

“Perfect” chairs are hard to find – ones that provide enough support while still maximizing comfort – but designer John Leung has chosen to sidestep the notion of perfect and instead focus on function and storage, along with a sweet optical illusion for good measure.


John’s “Purposefulness of Shadow” chair not comes not only a well-made seat, but gives the impression that the sitting device is casting either a large solid or mesh-pattern shadow on the ground. On closer inspection, the “shadow” is in fact attached to chair and provides room for storage both underneath and behind the seat.


We have to admit - this is clever. From a distance, multiples of these chairs would present a striking image, and they would significantly reduce clutter in restaurants close to shopping plazas or those frequented on cold winter days by limiting the amount of bag, jacket and item sprawl.

Shadows:: now with less pain.Shadows:: now with less pain.


There’s no guarantee that the Shadow chair will make a diner any more likely to remember their items when they leave and both versions of the chair come in as slightly wider than a standard chair version, meaning that space and movement might be an issue at crowded tables or busy restaurants.


Still, the design is enough parts clever mixed with just the right amount of clearly functional that we can firmly seat ourselves on the side of “gee, this is a really great idea”.


Here’s hoping the Shadow chair sees the light of day.


Source: Yanko Design