Purrsona Cat Eye Bed: Cat Furniture With An Attitude

The Purrsona Cat Eye Bed, with its attitude and all, is just perfect for one cat or a multi-cat family, who love to scratch, play, spy on you and, of course, nap.




Its very unique design for a cat bed is what attracted me to the Cat Eye, but the unique assembly is also a plus.  Precision Pet Products makes this modern cat bed for you to put together at home, and that, in the long run, is what gives this bed sustainability, as each part can be replaced separately if need be.

The Cat Eye Bed starts with a sturdy plastic frame, to which you add a sisal scratching panel to the top and plush washable bedding to the lower interior. Then, the feather wand toy makes a great topper for the Cat Eye; cats go crazy for them.  

Cat Eye Beds are easily stacked and would probably be much for fun for for even one cat. Each bed is 24" x 24" x 15". I love those narrow slits in the sides; they're just perfect for kitties who love to watch you when you can't see them.

The Purrsona Cat Eye Bed has all the attitude of a cat.  It's available online from Jefferspet or you can visit Precision Pet to find more dealers.


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May 8, 2012
by Anonymous

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Do you know if the purrsona cat bed comes in a different color? I don't really like the look of that tweed stuff.